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Technical Services


Invest in protecting your home and family, Its easy!

Top-Quality CCTV Camera & Security Systems,

Goodman Tech Systems is one of the foremost CCTV camera installation companies in Uganda, providing state-of-the-art CCTVs and security systems to residences, businesses and commercial spaces in Kampala and across the country.

Our company focuses on ensuring households and businesses enjoy optimum protection for their families, people and properties, no matter what the type of requirements they have for CCTV installation.

Remote Viewing

Stream live video footage anywhere, anytime – all from your mobile device.

As one of the trusted security camera installation companies in Uganda, we provide cutting-edge technologies that allow users to stream a live video footage anytime and anywhere, with only the use of their mobile device. This remote viewing capability is available with our select security camera systems. Families and business owners can access and monitor their home and business real-time, wherever they may be, and on a 24/7 basis. This technology only requires Internet connection and a PC or smart-phone.

Where Is the Ideal Location for A CCTV Installation?

Our team of engineers have the expertise and experience to help our customers successfully identify the best areas for installing security cameras. Residential and commercial spaces are carefully examined to determine the most vulnerable areas. These include doorways, corridors, entry and exit points, high traffic areas, work stations, transaction points, parking and drive ways, and other target areas.

Security camera installation should be made in a place where it can be easily seen to inform people that your premises are secure, while preventing unwanted activities from taking place.

Why do you want to monitor?

The use of CCTV cameras is no longer restricted for large companies and public or commercial areas. Security cameras also offer great benefits for homes and small to medium businesses, whether they are based in Kampala, Mbarara or anywhere in the country.

Our CCTV installation experts are trained to service various spaces, including high-traffic areas such as shopping centers and malls, banks, government and private buildings, offices, and more.

We also work with customers who have smaller requirements, such as for their apartment or villa. We have an array of advanced CCTV surveillance cameras that are affordable and designed for residential use. If you are interested in our suite of products and services, contact us to get a customized package pricing.

Access control Systems

Advance Time Attendance & Access Control System

Goodman Tech Systems is provider of high quality access control system services in Uganda and other surveillance equipment, servicing various industries and residential spaces. As a renowned security systems company, our goal is to ensure that we provide a complete service that meets the specific and distinct requirements of our clients.

Our company offers a broad range of market leading solutions that help companies and individuals to boost the safety measures of their space, while controlling the access privileges on strategic locations within their premises. We work with leading manufacturers to get the best and most efficient solutions for clients in need of high quality security systems such as time attendance system in Uganda.

Innovative Security System & Access Control in Uganda

Managing and securing a space is an ongoing challenge for individuals and business owners. It is imperative for these individuals and organizations to pick the right system that can give them the level of security they need to deter any threats in their premises.

Installing a top-of-the-line electronic access device can help elevate safety measures in premises and provide a number of benefits to users such as:

• Monitoring people coming in and out of the property
• Customizing level of access of each user or individual
• Managing building security remotely and via network
• Impregnable system that is hard to replicate or hack

Apart from a sophisticated access control, we also provide human resource solutions that are tied up with a network for easy and reliable monitoring. Our line of time attendance systems can help track attendance of employees and monitor their movement within business premises.

Tailor-made Security System for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Here at Goodman Tech Systems, our dedicated team of security experts can supply, design and install innovative security systems that are as reliable as they are effective. Each member of our team has a wealth of experience in designing unique solutions for our clients. We collaborate with our clients to determine the right solution for their needs. This approach enables us to develop customized systems and utilize the latest equipment available in the market.

Give your business the cutting-edge security it deserves. Browse through our comprehensive line of security systems and products. Call us at +256 773 164 506

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