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Printing Services


We Offer Personalized Mugs Printing Services in Kampala and country wide. Personalized mugs or custom made photo mugs are great personalized gifts for all occasions. Be it Birthday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Friendship Day it is a perfect gift for every occasion. Personalized mug is not only a unique gifting option but also a great way to promote your business.

Goodman Tech systems print department offers huge range of personalized mugs available in all its branches located in Kampala, Mbarara, Kasese. Printing can be done on white ceramic mugs or color-changing Magic mugs to surprise your loved once.

Personalized Mugs Printing:

• Personalized Mug Printing
• Full Color Mugs Printing
• China Bone Mugs Printing
• Travel Mugs Printing
• Lover Mugs Printing
• Inside Color Mugs Printing
• Coffee / Tea Mugs Printing
• Corporate Mugs Printing
• Photo Mugs Printing
• Family Mugs Printing
• School Staff & Students Mugs Printing

Types of Mugs Printing:

• Plain Mug
• Magic Mug
• Travel Mug
• Mug with Teddy Bear
• Two Toned Mug

We supply complete range of round shape and v shape mug in different size colors and shapes such as:

• Heat transfer printing on sublimation coated mug
• Photo quality printing with multi colors image on sublimation ceramic mug
• Travel mug with sublimation and transfer printing
• Stainless steel travel mug

Corporate Mugs Printing

It is a trend in corporate world to print personalized mugs to promote brand. Personalized mug printing can be simply designed with your company logo or with tag lines. Our print department has the capacity to print any volumes in minimum time.

Why choose Goodman Tech systems print department for Mugs Printing Services in Uganda?

Goodman Tech systems print department has been in printing service since 10 years and has now expanded. We have fully computerized and ultra-modern digital infrastructure and hardware, capable of handling print projects of large volume.



No matter what kind of business you run; occasions are many you need brochures or catalogue to present your products in detail. Brochures and catalogue help you to build your credibility and present your entire product portfolio and will help your customer to get to know more about your achievements and corporate structure.

We design and print your brochures and catalogue in stunning quality and in matter of few minutes, if digitally printed or in few hours, if offset printed.

Menu Printing

One of the challenges restaurants and cafes are facing is the printing of their food menu. They don’t want them in bulk and there could be frequent changes in the menu item or price. Now, Menu Printing made easy with Goodman Tech Systems print center!

Not anymore! With us, you print the exact number of menus, no less, no more! Goodman Tech Systems' digital printing facility will help you to print menus from one copy to any number of copies and protect them with a lamination. If you would like to have gold or silver foil as a topping, just ask the staff at the counter and they will help you to have one on the menu!

Print Menus with greater flexibility

Goodman Tech Systems has multiple options for print finishing. You can have the menu laminated in gloss or matte finish and bind them with spiral or saddle stitch. The flexibility to print on various papers and sizes gives you the freedom to print your menu on variety of styles or sizes making it a perfect fit for the tables.

Since you can print a minimum quantity of menu sheets, you will enjoy the creative freedom to experiment with different types of menu for example one for fresh juices and one for breakfast and yet another for dinner. Why not print some grouped menu for takeaways? Goodman Tech Systems' offset printing division offer you the best rate when it comes to quantity printing.

Goodman Tech Systems can offer digital archiving service for your menu pages so that you place request remotely to print additional copies of menu when you want them.

Bindery Services

No matter how you have the sheets printed, what matters some time is the compilation and presentation of the same. None would like to have a hefty bundle of loose sheets presented to them. we offer extensive bindery and finishing options for printed documents. The binding methods are chosen on the basis of customer preference, end usage and budget.

Our bindery services are most affordable and can add immense value to your copied or printed documents like reports, documents, presentations or archival documents.

Some of the common types of binding that customers demand and which we can handle are:

Coil / Comb Binding / Spiral Binding / Wire Binding

Coil, Spiral or comb binding are almost essentially the same except that the material used for each of them to bind together are bit different. For Coil Binding a continuous spring-shaped coil of plastic holds the pages together. This durable crush-resistant binding coil allows a bound book to lay flat.

Wire binding uses either a metal wire or plastic coated metal wire to bind together the pages. Wire binding is stronger and durable than the earlier mentioned binding methods, because of the material (metal) used for binding.

Coil, Comb Binding, Spiral Binding, Wire Binding requires to have the pages punched or drilled for binding.

Coil, Comb Binding, Spiral Binding, Wire Binding requires to have the pages punched or drilled for binding.

We offer these bindery services, thanks to its wide range of advanced bindery equipment and expert hands who handle these machines.

Tape Binding

we offer tape binding as well. Tape binding uses a cloth tap, which is applied along the spine to hold the book tight. Tape binding will have nice finishing and lays flat. We use high quality cloth tape and glue to hold the book tight and durable. Tape binding is a good option for thesis presentation and reports.

Velo Binding

Mostly used for legal documents, Velo binding is almost like a perfect binding. Velo binding creates a sleek profile by using a thin plastic strip to bind the pages of the document. We produce professional quality Velo documents.

Saddle stitched booklet binding

The most common and simplest way of binding is Saddle stitching. Once folded, the pages are stapled along the folded edge. We have wire stitching machines to handle these types of jobs. We can make custom index tabs & dividers for sales literature, employee handbooks, training manuals, medical documents, real estate documents, academic and for any general office use.

Custom Binders when you want them outstanding!

manufactures custom heat sealed vinyl binders and presentation folders that can be decorated by silk screen printing, foil stamping, foil de-bossing (engraving), blind de-bossing and with custom pocket, business card holder, label holder etc.

We also make Angle-D Binders, Round Ring Binders, Easel binders, flip chart style binders or broke back / split back easel binders. Turn Edge or Case Made binders for that old world hand crafted look.

As part of Goodman Tech Systems' environmental protection initiatives, we use organic, biodegradable glue, 100% recycled chipboard etc. for binding.

We also produce poly binders. Poly is a single piece of plastic material that is flexible and highly durable that can be printed or foil stamped to add your company logo.

Why not a good cover page?

Most people come to us forgetting to have a good looking cover page made for the bound document. Goodman I Tech staff can help you to design and produce a good looking cover page for your document and have that printed on a higher weight paper to give your document that great feel you are looking for.

Print high-quality year calendars:

Calendars are one of the most effective tools for marketing communication. Because of its year round presence on desktops or walls, it has got a lasting value.

Goodman Tech Systems Print Centre can take care of calendar printing of desk top (tent) calendars or wall calendars. You can create any custom design and choose the paper. Depending on the desired quantity, you can choose to print them in Digital Printing or Offset Printing with Goodman Tech Systems.

Goodman Tech Systems in-house design team can help you design a calendar of your liking, if you do not have one already. Upon designing, you can proof print a copy of the calendar and make sure that everything is okay prior to the final print run.

With Goodman Tech Systems, you will never be caught with the minimum quantity requirements. You can choose to print just one copy or to thousands. You pay only for the exact quantity you print. You may find this way far opposite to your current print provider.

Calendars printed with Goodman Tech Systems are finished with the desired binding method for example spiral binding for a tent calendar. A desk top calendar can stand sturdy if mounted on a thick base board. We can enhance each and every calendar to give a unique look.

Print this year’s calendar with Us and see the difference it makes to your brand!

Print Calendars – with your personal photos

We can print personalized calendars, with your Company name or Company photographs. You can change images leaf to leaf and from copy to copy.

Printing a personalized calendar with your Organization definitely will be a unique gift to your loved ones on special occasions and when you want to convey a special feeling.

Print posters, banners, billboards or engineering drawings:

Large Format Printing

Goodman Tech Systems print center has been in the industry for nearly a quarter of century now. We are well equipped with a number of large format printers, or otherwise called wide format printers, that can roll out superior quality graphics or Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) within minutes. we house a large number of large format printing machineries enabling them to handle high volume jobs – keeping us far above the rest in terms of turn-around time, quality and pricing.

When you entrust Goodman Tech Systems Print Center with a large format print job, our team will analyze the job and will help you to choose the right substrate and imaging technology to use. Large format printing, these days, has evolved to be an important mass communication medium and we fully understand the importance. No wonder each job we take up is taken as a challenge.

Let’s us handle your next large format print!!!

Photo copy in high quality and in high speed:

our centers are equipped with high speed digital photo copiers of different sizes and capabilities which are capable of copying from 1 copy to 1000s of copies in minutes in All sizes.

Black and White Photo Copy Services:

We offer Black and White copy services which are highly cost effective and can be copied in high speeds. Each Black and White copy we print is guaranteed to be at par with the original document. We can handle huge volume of Black and White photo copy service in matter of hours.

Color Photo Copy Services:

Our Copying service staff will help you to make the necessary adjustments to get you the best results copy to copy on Wide options for colored copy finishing

We take copies on wide format of papers, thin or thick, white or colored. This gives the customer great flexibility in terms of the application of the end product. we also offer a range of bindery services like spiral binding, comb binding, folding etc.

Print Greeting Cards that they will cherish forever!

Greeting Card

Greeting cards are a medium to say you care and are personal. Make them even personal by printing your name and the recipient’s name. What about adding an even more personal touch with a custom message. Hold on, you can even have your own captured moments of joy or surprise in the form of photograph to decorate the greeting card. All this is possible with Goodman Tech Systems Print Centre.

Print one to thousands, all of them in superior quality and finishing. Emboss, metallic foil, fold or laminate. Select matching envelopes and print addressed on it or print and stick name labels. With Goodman Tech Systems, you are never short of ideas that can turn to practice.

We have design templates for all seasonal greetings. Be it a New Year greeting, Eid greeting e.t.c greeting card.

Surprise your family member or friend with a completely personalized greeting card on their special occasions like birthday, anniversary or achievements and show them you care!

Business Card:

Goodman Tech Systems can print top-class Color PVC Cards that are first class in presentation and durability. These plastic cards can be used for a variety of purposes.

Identity Cards: Identity cards with personalized information and photos are just common these days. Goodman IT tech can print quality ID cards with personal details. These ID cards can be used for offices, schools and universities. The ID cards can be secured with bar-codes or magnetic strips

Plastic ID cards can be used for privilege cards, loyalty cards and for many other purposes. Contact Goodman IT tech for assistance in choosing the right ID card for your needs.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.