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IT Services

Application Services.

Quality and on-time delivery is the phrase that drives Application Services at Goodman Tech Systems. Application Services is a combination of core Application Development Services blended with Application Support & Management Services. Our Services bring value to customers with certified teams of Software Engineers and PMI Project Managers. Delivering complex projects globally since 2008, we have established maturity in our delivery and risk mitigation is planned at initial stages for successful delivery. Our support operations follow ITIL service management practices and tools. We operate a 24/7 Global NOC that can be extended as part of our Application and Database Management services.

Systems Integration Services

System Integration Strategy

We utilize system integration strategies to analyze your current business environment that identify inconsistencies and incompatibilities of disparate systems, and formulate strategies to integrate and migrate mission critical software into a converged infrastructure.

System Integration Architecture

We design and develop the centralized architecture of a fully integrated IT system to ensure the future scalability of your business by facilitating real-time data integrity, improved application performance, better IT management, greater productivity, and heightened security.

Network System Integration

We deploy and configure your custom networks, servers, security, and data management solutions throughout your entire organization with data integrity maintained plus little or no downtime incurred.

System Integration Support

Our system infrastructure support offerings are engineered to meet key challenges organizations face in day-to-day areas of monitoring and managing infrastructure, addressing concerns at each layer within an enterprise's technology stack.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup and Recovery Services We perform data backup and recovery services that analyze and plan backup and recovery strategies to ensure the continuity of your business environment by automating and maintaining mission critical processes of all enterprise systems, applications, and hardware.

Backup Solutions

We design backup solutions and the centralized database architecture, and automate full, incremental, differential, mirror, and continuous backup to on premise, off-site, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures for large scale data migrations plus ensure uptime of servers and storage devices.

Data Recovery Services

In the event of a disaster we implement processes for on-demand data restoration via rollback, versioning, system restore, instant recovery, sync share, and change management services so that no downtime is incurred and data integrity is maintained.

Data Backup Security Solutions

We ensure your data environment is protected from breaches, injections, or hacks plus adheres to industry specific standards and regulations including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, ISO standards, and more.

Communication Solutions

Ranging from office, mobile or public communications, appropriate recommendations will be made for efficient and cost effective communication solutions.
• WAN and LAN
• Microsoft Lync
• P2P

IT infrastructure

Developed from a thorough IT audit and review, our solutions can harness the power of existing systems or implement appropriate new ones to compliment your working practices. High-performance technology backed by in-house expertise and support, your IT systems will be maintained by leading IT experts.

Goodman Tech Systems offers complete network design and implementation services including wide-area assessment and design, local area assessment and design, physical hardware design, including wiring, server room, and local area, user level hardware and peripherals. We offer design and implementation of proven image-based backup and recovery solutions. We support all industry standards, such as Storage Craft Shadow Protect. We also offer full remote and cloud-based backup solutions for additional fault tolerance and recovery.

Allows for a clear and concise outline of the business Ensures that these objectives are communicated in an efficient manner to all employees Provides the organization with a clear focus, which facilitates efficiency and effectiveness A focus on objectives ensures that the organizations resources are used on priorities Gives solutions to major problems and centralizes everyone’s focus on one common vision

Outsourced services

There is no need to worry about staff holidays, sickness or shortages within your business; leave it to our experienced professional engineers, available for your business.
• Project work
• Holiday and sickness cover
• Busy periods for the business
• Rapid business growth
• The need for experts immediately
• Flexibility

Maintenance Services

Our aim about establishing brilliant IT support at a fixed price support contract designed to reduce costs and help budget for our clients. The total IT support package has a monthly fee, based on configuration of equipment and the number of users. This includes Advanced Server and Workstation Monitoring and Health Checks along with a guaranteed response time.

Tailored package for your business

All day to day support of your IT infrastructure is included

• Pro-active support rather than re-active
• Guaranteed response times
• Advanced server and workstation monitoring
• Scheduled health checks
• Full IT audit and documentation
• A full-service IT solution that's taken care of for you
• Easy management of IT budgets
• The package flexes with your business with growth or decline
• Access to highly skilled IT professionals
• Minimise the risk of business disruption
• Our team become your team
• An IT department without the associated costs

Data Security

Securing enterprise data is of utmost importance in today’s competitive world. Ever growing cyber threats like ransom-ware, extortion, and data theft are increasing day by day which if not prevented can cause severe damage to the organization and its reputation. Goodman Tech Systems Data Security services help organizations secure their sensitive data against all such threats and analyze the data environment in real time. This allows to report and control any security breach and take corrective action to prevent data theft.

How Can Goodman Tech Systems Help?

Data Encryption

Data Encryption (often referred to as OTFE) has become a critical security feature for thriving networks and active home users alike. This security mechanism users mathematical schemes and algorithms to scramble data into unreadable text. It can only be decoded or decrypted by the party that possesses the associated key. This encryption method is often used at various levels such as File, Folder, Disk and Portable Devices.

File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) helps you protect your organization’s critical files. A FIM solution sends alerts indicating potential malicious activity by monitoring OS and registry file in the network environment. Thus, the admin can monitor such suspicious activity and take corrective action to prevent any threat.

Multi-factor authentication

The traditional 2-factor authentication is obsolete and no more a secured way to protect the data. With multi-factor authentication, you add another layer of security such as knowledge Factor, possession factor or inherence factor to authenticate every data transaction.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP software is capable to identify, monitor and protect your sensitive data which is being stored, in use, or in transit across your network, endpoints, and even mobile devices. Further, DLP is fast to deploy, reduces cost and enables real-time monitoring.

Data Masking

Data Masking primarily operates on data classification. The technique automatically locates and classifies sensitive data in your organizational database. The is capable of identifying key personal data such as name, date of birth, SSN, email, etc. One can then leverage this classification results to configure data masking rules.

Data Backup

Data Backup plays an important role in any organization. It is a method of automating back process that saves time and storage space by compressing it. Further, in order to avoid any unauthorized use of your data, Data Backup encrypts it to an unreadable format.

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